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Online Training - how does it work?

Can’t take time out of school or college to access training? Impossible to arrange cover? Too expensive for a number of colleagues to attend the same course?

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For nearly a decade we have been running courses across the country, aiming to provide high quality, value for money training for education professionals working in the area of special needs. Many of our delegates are telling us that it is increasingly difficult for busy professionals to take the opportunity to attend courses ‘off-site’. In response to this, we now offer a number of online training courses, focusing on Examination Access Arrangements, Assessment, and Supporting SEN Students.

With the internet now so accessible, the advantages of online courses are clear:
Our online courses are designed to be administered in one of two ways depending on whether one member of staff or a group are accessing the course. Courses can be viewed at any time, and in any venue where there is a good internet reception.

  • They can be accessed at the delegate’s convenience, in the workplace or home
  • Delegates don’t need to travel, saving time and transport costs
  • Running costs are lower, allowing us to pass savings on to our delegates
  • We can offer significant discounts for colleagues accessing the same course

Individual staff members can access the course on a PC with headphones, or in a room on their own using the speakers on the PC.

If you have booked and paid for a group of staff they will be able to access the course together at the same time. For this we recommend that you use a digital projector and large screen with speakers to amplify the presentation. If a member of staff misses the group session they can access the training individually within the login period.

You will have 10 days (or for some courses 20 days) from the start date you choose to login and view the course. You can run the course as many times as you want to within this 10/20 day period.

Please note that if you book as a group using one of our second or subsequent delegate discounts, due to the login requirements, it is only possible for one login at a time to be used to access the course. It won’t be possible for more than one delegate to be accessing the course on different computers at the same time.

If a group of delegates are accessing a course together, all delegates must be from your school/college; you can’t use the course to train staff from other centres.

N.B. Delegates will need a good broadband connection to access our online courses. Due to a security upgrade by our online courses host Digital Chalk, users with older operating systems (Windows Vista or XP) or those using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10 may have problems connecting, logging in, and taking courses after June 30, 2018. If you see only a blank screen, you are most likely using a browser that does not support the security upgrade. Making sure you are using the most current version of your browser or switching to a more recent browser should sort this out. Please email online at communicate-ed dot org dot uk if you need more information.

If you are already registered for an online course with us, click here to log into your course.

Click here to view/download ‘Online Training – Is This the Way Forward?’, an article on e-learning.


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