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NEW Email Helpline for Access Arrangements

December 23rd 2019

As part of our ongoing desire to support professionals working in the area of special needs, we have set up a new email helpline for those wishing to consult a specialist with specific questions about Access Arrangements.

Last year, we started our Members’ Discussion forums to create a place for our members to raise queries and share experience and advice with others in similar roles. This has been a great success, with over 1200 members sharing a wealth of experience, advice and best practice with one another. Still, we remained aware that some still had specific queries that they wanted a specialist to answer.

In response, we have set up an email helpline, which creates a sustainable way for our Access Arrangements advisor to respond to specific queries. This costs £30 per year, for 30 minutes of our advisor’s time spread as you wish through the year.

For full details and to sign up, please visit our email helpline page.


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